True life stories to inspire, motivate, reach and entertain. Need an uplifting reminder that there’s still hope? Get inspired. Smile. Laugh a little. Listen to the WomanInspired podcast.

Half Baked

Follow the recipe! Or just be half baked. Enjoy a bit of inspiration and humor about life, recipes and obedience.


Feeling stuck, stalled, unsure? Tune in for some humor, hope and inspirational words to get unstuck by!

Sacrificial Pam

Real or fake? Sacrifice or self serving?

Is high tech communication helping or getting you in trouble? Let's talk about the joys, the pains and the humor of communication and connection!

Leave the door open

A story about shoes, the gift of laughter, this journey, faith, Ehlers-danlos and empathy!

A Crappy Proposal

There's more to life than what we see and hear on the surface.

Sticks and stones

Humorous and inspiring stories about the power of our words and God's Word.