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Casting Call

We're called to cast our burdens on Him! What does that mean and why should we do it?

Stirred not shaken

My soul rests in God, I will not be shaken but Oh God please stir me.

One stressed mess!

Have You Ever?

Well, have you?

Mirror, Mirror

A splash of reality hit me via a bit of fresh vanity and I feel like the the stepmother from Snow White!

Look at me Dad

Ever felt like you're crying out to be seen? To be heard?

Be it the fear of germs, people, pain or life, let the truth set you free from it.

We all have wounds. We all have scars. But Jesus did too.

What Giant are you battling today? Most of us are battling a battle within. Take heart, God's in it with you!

Are you battling a battle that's not yours? Trying to control that which is uncontrollable? Tune in for humor and inspiration for the battle!